Dental Exam RedmondAs dentists we get asked this question on a daily basis. Our response to this is, ABSOLUTELY! Whether you have dental insurance or not, it is vital that you visit your dentist at least two times a year. At Redmond Art of Dentistry we believe that preventative dental is the best care a patient can receive, and more often than not is less invasive and costs less.

An analogy I like to use with patients is comparing their teeth to their vehicle. When I ask someone how often they change the oil in their car they respond with “every 3 months or 3,000 miles.” When I ask them why, they say, “well if I don’t change the oil on a regular basis my car will break down, or even worse my engine could blow up! And fixing an engine costs a lot of money, more than an oil change”
I think we can all agree that regular maintenance on your car is necessary to prevent breakdown and expensive costs, the same goes for your dental health. But one difference with a car versus your teeth is that you can always go out and buy another car, you only get one set of permanent teeth.

On average, the cost you would incur with exams and cleanings twice a year, over three to four years, would cost about the same as having a single crown! It’s at these regular exams that your dentist is able to catch most cavities in their infant state, before they get a chance to progress and penetrate the nerve of the tooth. If allowed to progress until you need a root canal and crown combined it would cost about 6 years’ worth of routine exams and cleanings. More invasive procedures such as root canals and extractions can almost always be avoided with regular visits. It’s a fact that those who visit their dentist on a consistent basis will spend much less money over the course of their lives as opposed to those who wait until a tooth begins to give them a problem.

Thank you for putting your trust in Dr. Bickel and Redmond Art of Dentistry, we look forward to seeing you soon!