13881824_sThese days it seems there are so many specialists in the medical and dental fields, how do you know which type of dentist is right for you?

That’s a great question. As our name says, Redmond Art of Dentistry is a “Family and Cosmetic” dental practice. That means Dr. Bickel and staff can take care of a wide variety of dental needs. Starting as early as one year old we can see kids to evaluate the health of the first erupting teeth and educate parents as to how to care for those new teeth.

Granted, the first teeth will fall out in a few years but it’s still very important to establish healthy habits from the beginning. Also, if your child develops decay in their primary teeth it can lead to decay in permanent teeth before they even erupt.

As kids get older we continue to see them, generally twice a year, for cleaning and to teach kids how to care for their teeth. We are here to help parents convey the importance of twice daily brushing and to get kids to understand how and why they need to floss every day. Dr. Bickel can also identify kids who need braces and help parents find an Orthodontist.

Our goal for adults is to maintain the best health and appearance for your smile. You know what they say- “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure”! Twice a year check-ups and cleanings allow us to stay ahead of many potential problems. Fluoride treatments, yes even for adults, help keep teeth strong and well mineralized. Regular exams identify decay when it’s small and can be handled with little fillings, while catching decay too late can result in crowns or even root canal therapy.

This is also a time in life when some of us decide to give ourselves the gift of a beautiful smile. Whether you are interested in whitening or something more we can help. We offer Invisalign, to give you the straight teeth you’ve always wanted. With veneers and crowns Dr. Bickel can help restore a youthful or brighter smile.

Then, as we age, the goal is always to maintain the best looking healthy and functional set of teeth we can. Gone are the days when every adult was destined for dentures. Some do still need them, eventually, but with great dental health care and judicious restorations we can help you keep your natural teeth. If a replacement is necessary implants offer a great alternative to older methods of replacement.

Through all of these stages of life we, at Redmond Art of Dentistry, can take care of your dental needs. Cleanings, crowns, fillings, Invisalign, simple extractions, whitening, all fall under the scope of Family and Cosmetic Dentistry. Give us a call, we would love to see you!