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Redmond Art of Dentistry provides adult and child dental cleanings for its patients in Redmond, Bellevue, and Sammamish.

A dental prophylaxis (cleaning) is preformed as part of your routine dental care in order to prevent periodontal disease and other dental diseases.  A dental prophylaxis (also called a prophy), consist of cleaning your teeth via scaling with hand instruments and our ultrasonic scaler, along with polishing of the teeth and fluoride application. During the procedure we evaluate for plaque  and calculus levels (mineral buildup), gingival recession, pocket depth, tooth mobility, failing restorations, cavities, and oral lesions.  We know that educating patients gives them the success for long term success with their hygiene which is why we spend time to go over proper brushing and flossing techniques.  Once a year, we like to update your radiographs during your adult prophylaxis appointment to evaluate for bone level, cavities, quality of restorations, and any abnormalities. Drs. Bickel and Merchant will perform a soft tissue exam as a part of dental prophylaxis exam to ensure there are no suspect lesions in your mouth.

What to expect during your dental prophylaxis appointment:

  • Plaque and calculus levels measure
  • Periodontal evaluation
  • Periodontal probing (performed once a year)
  • X-Rays (taken once a year)
  • Removal of plaque and calculus
  • Polishing
  • Evaluation of teeth and current restorations
  • Oral hygiene instructions
  • Soft tissue evaluation
  • Time to ask the Hygienist and doctor questions

How often should a patient get a dental prophylaxis?

We recommend that patients come in for a dental prophylaxis two times a year.  Plaque and calculus buildup can occur in as little as three months even if we are meticulous with our brushing and flossing.  Once formed on the teeth, it can only be professionally removed.  To prevent the buildup of plaque and calculus causing periodontal problems, we recommend patients to come in every six months or two times a year.  Coming in on a routine basis also allows the dentist to detect and abnormality in your teeth or soft tissue before it progresses.

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