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Adult And Child Dental Cleanings at Redmond Art of Dentistry

Dental cleanings are a critical step in routine dental care and preventive dentistry. Dental cleanings help prevent common issues such as periodontal disease, tooth decay, and a number of other dental diseases.

Regular oral exams and teeth cleanings at Redmond Art of Dentistry are an opportunity for Dr. Bickel to assess your overall dental health and address any issues.

How Often Should I Get My Teeth Cleaned?

Both adults and children should see a dentist for a teeth cleaning and examination every six months. In addition, if you have periodontal disease, Dr. Bickel may recommend that you come in every 3 months for periodontal maintenance.

Understanding The Cleaning And Exam Process

Not sure what to expect from a dental cleaning and examination at Redmond Art of Dentistry? We’ve compiled a list of the services we typically include in routine exams:


  • Teeth brushing and polishing – First, one of our oral hygienists will clean and brush your teeth, using a powerful toothbrush to polish away stains and restore their appearance. They will also floss your teeth.
  • Evaluation of plaque and calculus levels – Next, your oral health will be assessed, and your hygienist will check for high calculus (tartar) levels. Calculus is the buildup of material caused by excessive plaque, and it’s a sign of poor oral hygiene.
  • Plaque and tartar scaling – Using a dental scaler, plaque and tartar will be removed from your teeth.
  • Pocket depth measurements – Your hygienist will check the measurements of the pockets around your gums, to ensure you are free from gum disease.
  • Cavity check – Next, your teeth are checked for signs of tooth decay and cavities. A visual examination, and your hygienist will probe for soft spots, where the enamel may be decaying.
  • Examinations of oral restorations – Dr. Bickel will examine your mouth to make sure that oral restorations like crowns and bridges, fillings, dental implants, and other such restorations are in good shape.
  • Periodontal maintenance – If you have had periodontal disease in the past, it’s recommended that you undergo a comprehensive periodontal cleaning, including antibiotic treatment and scaling and root planing, to ensure the symptoms of the disease are minimized.
  • Updated x-rays (yearly) – We take yearly x-rays (radiographs) to check for tooth decay and other potentially hidden oral health issues
  • Soft tissue examination and oral cancer screening – We will examine the oral tissues of your mouth, as well as your lips and gums, for potential signs of lesions or other indicators of oral cancer.

The Best Care For Patients Of Every Age!

Dr. Daniel Bickel is an experienced family dentist. Whether you are looking for a new dental home, or your little ones need pediatric care, the team at Redmond Art of Dentistry would be proud to help you and your loved ones maintain your smiles. With our focus on preventative dentistry and our advanced digital technology, we offer thorough, accurate diagnosis and treatment.


Take a look at our patient reviews and some photos from our success stories to see what we can do for you! Contact us at (425) 883-1331, or visit our office at 16455 NE 85th Street, Suite #101, Redmond, WA 98052 for your next teeth cleaning!

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