At Redmond Art of Dentistry we take digital X-rays for our patients in Redmond, Bellevue, and Sammamish.

What are Digital Dental X-rays?

Digital x-rays are becoming more and more prevalent in the dental field.  We use digital X-rays as a diagnostic tool to evaluate the teeth, bone levels, and surrounding structures. As opposed to typical dental film which takes several minutes to develop, digital x-rays allow for the dentist to instantaneously capture and x-ray image with greater accuracy while reducing the amount of radiation to the patient.  Digital x-rays are saved on a computer which makes it more convenient for both the dentist and the patient.  Another benefit of digital x-rays is the ability to adjust the size of the picture, lighten or darken the film, and even use cavity detection software.

Why do I need dental x-rays?

Dental X-rays have always been a vital tool for dentists in order to accurately diagnose dental problems.  Not all dental problems are able to be identified by the dentist by just looking in a patients mouth which is why x-rays are needed.  Dental x-rays allow us to evaluate the areas that are undetectable to the eye such as between the teeth, under current fillings and crowns, and under the gums.

Cavities, loss of bone levels around the teeth, and pathology can occur long before discomfort is felt by a patient. More times than not, by the time a person feels discomfort or pain the tooth or periodontium has been damaged severely, and more aggressive treatment is needed. X-rays taken on a routine basis will allow us to identify a problem in its early state before it progresses and becomes too advanced.

We also have a new digital Panoramic X-ray machine which shares the same benefit as our other x-rays, in addition to being able to evaluate the upper and lower jaws, jaw joint, and wisdom teeth.

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