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At Redmond Art of Dentistry we place non mercury fillings also known as composite fillings.

Advances in dental materials and techniques have opened the doors for more pleasing, natural looking fillings.  More and more patients are asking us about composite fillings because they do not want “silver” fillings showing as they laugh, talk, and smile.  Our composite fillings are strong and durable, and give a natural appearance as if nothing was done to your teeth by blending in with your enamel.

Composite fillings are placed in one dental visit after the cavity is removed.  An advantage of the composite filling is that it actually bonds to your tooth as opposed to the silver fillings which are retained in the tooth by undercuts.  Another advantage of composite fillings, compared with other dental restorations, is that they are a more conservative restoration.  Less of your natural, healthy tooth structure is removed because of the bonding properties of the composite fillings, adhering to your teeth.

Once the cavity is removed from your tooth, your tooth is kept dry and isolated from saliva.  We apply specific adhesives to your tooth which allows the composite to bond with high strength. Once we place the proper anatomy in the composite to mimic the anatomy of your tooth, it is cured or hardened with our special light.

At Redmond Art of Dentistry we are constantly asked, “how long until I can eat?”  With placement of composite fillings, you can eat right after your appointment.  We just ask that you be careful as you will still be numb around the area.

After placement on a composite restoration you may experience some sensitivity to hot and cold temperatures.  This is normal and can last anywhere from one to two days to up to a week.  If sensitivity extends beyond that period be sure to contact us as a minor adjustment in your bite is all that it takes to alleviate the problem.

Composite fillings, although great, may not always be the recommended restoration of choice as they do have their limitations.  Depending on the location of the cavity and the extent, Dr. Bickel and Merchant may recommend a different restoration, such as an inlay, onlay, or crown.

Common uses for dental composite placement include:

  • Filling cavity preparations
  • Filling gaps (diastemas) between teeth
  • Minor reshaping of teeth
  • Partial crowns on single teeth

Another common question we are confronted with is “how long will my filling last?”  Composite fillings like other fillings do have a lifespan and may require periodic replacement over time.  It varies by individual and depends on numerous factors, one being the patient’s oral hygiene.  We make sure we do everything in our power to place a composite filling that will last for years to come.  During your regular dental checkup, Dr. Bickel and Merchant will check how each filling to ensure that it is functioning how it was meant to.

Drs. Bickel and Merchant take pride in their composite fillings and will provide you with a white filling that is both beautiful and functional, lasting you many years to come.

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