What Do I Do If I Chip Or Crack A Tooth? Your Step-By-Step Guide

If you’ve cracked or chipped your tooth in Redmond, you need to see a dentist right away. But don’t panic! With proper dental care from Redmond Art of Dentistry, you’ll be able to restore your tooth and get back to your day-to-day routine right away. Here’s a quick overview of what you should do if you damage your tooth. 

1. Rinse Out Your Mouth After You Chip Or Crack Your Tooth

First, you should rinse out your mouth to get rid of any blood, debris, or food particles that may be near the damaged tooth. This will also let you get a better look at the damage, so you can see how deep the chip or crack is. 

If you notice any pinkish discoloration around the chip, this means the chip is very deep and has reached the pulp, and you definitely need to see a dentist right away. 

2. Save The Fragments (If Applicable)

If you can, you can recover the fragments of your tooth. Depending on the depth and severity of the damage to your tooth, Dr. Bickel may be able to use these fragments to repair your tooth. If you recover them, put them into a small plastic bag of cold milk to keep them moist until you can come to our office. If you can’t find them, don’t worry about it. We can still repair your tooth. 

3. Call Redmond Art Of Dentistry Right Away

Give us a call at (425) 883-1331. We offer same-day dental care for patients in Redmond, and Dr. Bickel is always standing by to provide expert treatment for cracked and chipped teeth. Tell us a little bit about your situation, and we’ll schedule you for an appointment ASAP. 

4. Take Care Of Your Mouth Until Your Appointment

If your mouth is bleeding, you should use a clean cotton ball, a piece of gauze, or a paper towel to apply gentle pressure to the injured area. This should slow and stop the flow of blood.

For pain, you can use an over-the-counter pain reliever like ibuprofen or a topical treatment like Orajel to treat the damaged tooth. Applying an ice pack to the outside of your mouth may also help with pain and swelling. 

5. See Dr. Bickel For Your Emergency Appointment

The above steps will only relieve your pain temporarily. To prevent future complications, relieve pain and discomfort, and keep your mouth healthy, you need to see Dr. Bickel for your same-day emergency appointment.

Depending on the severity of the chip or crack in your tooth, he may recommend dental bonding, a crown, or root canal therapy, among other treatments. Dr. Bickel will choose the right treatment for your condition to protect your oral health, relieve your pain, and restore your smile.

Contact Redmond Art Of Dentistry To Get The Emergency Care You Need! 

Don’t put your oral health at risk. If you’ve chipped or cracked one of your teeth in Redmond, Dr. Bickel and the team at Redmond Art of Dentistry are here to help. Contact us online or give us a call at (425) 883-1331 to schedule a same-day appointment right away. 

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