We provide periodontal maintenance to our patients of Redmond, Bellevue and Sammamish

What is periodontal maintenance?

Periodontal maintenance is the procedure in which used to remove the plaque and calculus from the teeth on a routine basis in order to stabilize the teeth and gums following the diagnosis of periodontal disease.  The reason we need periodontal maintenance is that periodontitis can not be cured, only controlled.

How is periodontal maintenance different than a routine cleaning?

To the patient, you may not be able to differentiate from one or the other as it seems like the same procedure is being performed.  Periodontal maintenance is designated to patients that have previously undergone scaling and root planing.  In order to prevent the progression of periodontitis, maintenance is performed at intervals approximately three months apart.  It’s important to note that the frequency of periodontal maintenance vary according to the individual and their needs.  Studies show that it takes approximately 3 months for the harmful bacteria to accumulate below the gums and therefore we use 3 months as a guideline for treatment intervals.

What happens during my periodontal maintenance appointment?

During your periodontal maintenance appointment, our hygienist will perform a deep cleaning with both hand instruments and the ultrasonic scaler.   Our hygienist will clean below the gums, measure the pocket depths, and periodically take X-rays.  We do this in order to monitor the progression of gum and bone loss to determine If it is getting better, stabilized, or progressing.

Will I always be on periodontal maintenance?

Once you have been diagnosed with periodontitis, you will always be in periodontal maintenance.  Periodontitis is a chronic disease, and because of this, periodontal maintenance will need to be performed.  If at-home care is impeccable and your periodontium is stabilized, the interval between periodontal maintenance can be altered.

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