At Redmond Art of Dentistry we are proud to offer our patients of Redmond, Bellevue, and Sammamish soft tissue laser contouring

Soft tissue Laser

healthy gums are vital in order to have a beautiful smile.  having healthy shaped gums accentuates the shape of your teeth, making them look vibrant and healthy.  unhealthy gums will look “puffy” and red, giving your teeth a narrow and short looking appearance.  Soft tissue contouring with our laser may be the solution for you in order to obtain a natural healthy gumline that makes your teeth stand out the way they should!

Gum Recontouring

A gummy smile (too much gum tissue showing when we smile) is a common problem that many of us are faced with. It can be caused by a naturally low gumline or it may be due to the overgrowth of our gums. It can also be due to certain health conditions, medications, or hereditary genetics.  Well contoured, healthy gums both compliment and frame your teeth.  Gum re-contouring can also help those patients who have assymetrical gums where the gumline may be lower on one tooth, and higher on the other, giving the appearance that your teeth are a different width and length.  Using topical anesthetic and our laser, we can alter the gumline to a more aesthetically pleasing location, giving you the smile you have always wanted.

How may appointments will it take?

Soft tissue recontouring can easily be accomplished in one appointment

Does it hurt?

Soft tissue recontouring is pain free with minimal discomfort following the procedure.  stitches and post operative bleeding do not occur because the laser seals the tissue as the laser contacts the tissue, allowing for a speedy recovery!

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